Sounds without Boundaries

On Saturday 29th June 2019, AudibleOKR will host a day celebrating the many and varied sounds of the rapidly changing Old Kent Road as part of London Festival of Architecture 2019.

Come and spend the afternoon with us immersed in the Sounds of the Old Kent Road. Choose to contribute to a workshop or just immerse yourself in a series of presentations and sonic performative interventions from local resident groups, sonic artists, researchers, and built environment professionals. We are delighted to confirm Vasilis Aranidis of SoundMakingSpace will chair our panel and will be now be joined by Pedro Novo, Kate Carr, Alessia Milo, Ian Thompson, Debbie Kent, and Joseph Young. Attendees are invited to contribute to this lively and thought-provoking debate around how sound can activate our engagement with a place and understanding of the changes that come with regeneration potentially shaping future development.

We will explore the aesthetic and sonic archaeology of the Old Kent Road and the places and spaces within the boundaries of the Opportunity Area where the sonic ethnography is undergoing rapid change.

The day will consist of workshops, sound walks and talks and is free to drop in between 12.30 pm – 5.30 pm.
Please book in advance if you would like to take part in immersive soundwalk at 12.30 or the participatory recording workshop to be held on Tuesday 25th June 2019 where participants can learn to edit found sound ( recorded yourself or from a bank of sounds provided) as well as using free software Audacity to create a new compositional work.

12.30-14.00 // Sound walk with Debbie Kent
A walk that explores listening as a way of experiencing the city’s spaces of transformation. Starting with a brief introduction to soundwalks, we will then take a listening walk around the immediate area, and end with a discussion of what our experience of sound and other sensory inputs adds to our understanding of urban development. Debbie is a sound artist making work around walking, sound and the city. This is free but please try to book in advance via Eventbrite so we can update you.

13.00 – 14.30 pm  Participatory Sound Mapping Workshop
Alessia Milo will be demonstrating sonic memory and experience using interactive mapping of the Old Kent Road Area and how architecture participates in the generation of the sonic environment. Bring your found sounds.

‘Arrival Time’ Sound Installation by Ian Thompson
Experience a generatively composed site-specific sound installation ‘Arrival Time’ created using TFL data by Ian Thompson that will be playing throughout the day

2.00 – 4.00 p.m. Sonic presentations and performative interventions.

Introduction from AudibleOKR. Listen to some fantastic contributions from local residents, groups, sound and built environment specialists including James Green; Pedro Novo of Max Fordham; Carla Geronomi; Friends of Burgess Park; Yifeat Ziv; Pembroke House; James Torrence; Chiara Meadows, James Wignall, and Oliver Koch.

James Wignall and Oliver Koch have been recording the sounds of the OKR industries and maker spaces and will be incorporating the field recordings of production into a live performative piece using the physical products of manufacture.

Ian Thompson will present his installation using open source data from TfL to make a live site-specific piece for East Street bus stop.

Pedro Novo will be examining the tools that can be used to reproduce soundscapes of a specific area while preserving the spatial aspects of those soundscapes.

Friends of Burgess Park will be presenting a collaborative group composition using field recordings within the boundaries of the park.

Yifeat Ziv will be presenting a sonic intervention based on language and dialect of the area and the boundaries that this can create.

James Green will talk about how he developed the sounds of his installation based on field recordings intertwined to create new boundaries whilst retaining the sonic features of the area.

Pembroke House will be presenting an acoustic and aural collage of recordings that go beyond the boundaries of Pembroke House.

Carla Geronomi has been making simultaneous recordings of the two extremities of the road to examine how the sound travels navigating time and manipulating space beyond the boundaries of the road.

4.00 – 5.30 pm Panel discussion

Chaired by Vasilis Aronidis of SoundMakingSpace with contributions from Debbie Kent, Kate Carr, Pedro Novo Ian Thompson, Alessia Milo, & Joseph Young. Bring your thoughts and questions for discussion.

5.30 pm Sharing of mapping workshop pieces and final performative piece.


Audible OKR is a loose collective of people working in the built environment or who happen to live or work within the sounds of the Old Kent Road.

AudibleOKR uses sound as a form of engagement in place, encouraging people to listen to their locality.  We are interested in how sound and resonances contribute to the shaping of the public and social spaces of the area.

The Old Kent Road neighbourhood is designated as an Opportunity Area with the Local Authority Area Action Plan creeping towards adoption. Already the area is showing signs of change and it seems easy to dismiss the existing acoustic ecology masked by the ceaseless sound of traffic but these rich layers of sound resonate and reflect the urban environment. The acoustics change constantly with time, with the season and reflect the weather conditions as well as the activities jostling for attention.
How will change impact the area, its residents and users? If the existing soundscape is eroded what will remain? What memories will be left within the fabric of the landscape and resonate between buildings created?  As new development and redevelopment in the name of place making takes hold will the sound experienced  be as rich and nuanced?

In 2016 we began our exploration of the area recording found sound and voices  in and around the Old Kent Road. Users and residents of the area were invited to record and to upload their favourite sounds to the site.

These acoustic memories will  contribute to a crowdsourced sound composition that celebrates the life and sounds of the Old Kent Road

You can contact us here

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Or just drop by on 29th June 2019 at
Urban Room 231 Old Kent Road  London SE1 5LU