Audible OKR is a loose collective of people working in the built environment or who happen to live or work within the sounds of the Old Kent Road.

AudibleOKR uses sound as a form of engagement in place, encouraging people to listen to their locality.  We are interested in how sound and resonances contribute to the shaping of the public and social spaces of the area.

The Old Kent Road neighbourhood is designated as an Opportunity Area with the Local Authority Area Action Plan creeping towards adoption. Already the area is showing signs of change and it seems easy to dismiss the existing acoustic ecology masked by the ceaseless sound of traffic but these rich layers of sound resonate and reflect the urban environment. The acoustics change constantly with time, with the season and reflect the weather conditions as well as the activities jostling for attention.
How will change impact the area, its residents and users? If the existing soundscape is eroded what will remain? What memories will be left within the fabric of the landscape and resonate between buildings created?  As new development and redevelopment in the name of place making takes hold will the sound experienced  be as rich and nuanced?

In 2016 we began our exploration of the area recording found sound and voices  in and around the Old Kent Road. Users and residents of the area were invited to record and to upload their favourite sounds to the site.

These acoustic memories will  contribute to a crowdsourced sound composition that celebrates the life and sounds of the Old Kent Road